During this time of social isolation, we invite you to visit this link and find ways to remain connected to your faith and your parish family.

Dear children of God,

I am sure many of you have been just as lonely, depressed and anxious as I have been these past weeks. Hopefully we all managed to pray our way through Holy and Easter Weeks with some sense of the Hope and Assurances of Jesus’ promises to the Church.

It was very lonely in our churches as I celebrated and prayed for you and the Universal Church alone—it was a stark and influencing time but one which we must bear for our mutual health and safety. I have missed seeing and praying with all ya’ll. The good news is we are nearing the end
of this long lonely tunnel and I am confidant that we see the light at the end.

Governor Beshears has indicated baring a resurgence of COVID19 that houses of worship can resume services on May the 20th Apparently with some restrictions—aside for the order to wear masks after May 11 we don’t know what “other restrictions might mean” as soon as I know so shall you. We have not heard from Bishop Stowe but again as soon as the diocese notifies us I will pass it on.

In the mean time if you can–I invite you to pray with the Churches in the United States and Canada as they are rededicated to the patronage of the Virgin Mary. This was first done in the USA in the middle 19th century under the title Immaculate Conception, sometime later the Americas both North and South were offered to Mary, the Virgin of Guadalupe and our own Diocese upon its founding in 1988 was offered to Mary the Queen of Heaven.

This Friday led by Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles (current president of USCCB) will pray for the rededication of our nation. Please join in these prayers with him at 3pm as we enter the month of May (traditionally dedicated to Mary and when we remember our own Mothers) As we
battle and defeat COVID19, and our own fears, let us all join together in prayer. This is a perfect time for a family rosary (especially glorious mysteries) and a time to reflect on our birth mothers and the mother of the Church and the queen of our heavenly home.

If all goes to plan—we will be able to meet together on the 25th of May Ascension Sunday as we hear the Great Commission as Jesus ascends into heaven to prepare a place for us. We also be can begin the NOVENA for the coming of the Holy Spirit on Thursday the 21st—we will send out those texts and guidelines in time for your active participation. In the meantime, keep smiling and praying till we gather again.

The Rev’d. Gary M. Simpson, Pastor